Rainbow Unicorn, Unicorn, Cute Unicorn

10 Unicorn “Facts”

Did you know…

  1. Unicorns spend most of their time living in the clouds but occasionally use rainbows as slides in order to visit the ground.
Unicorn toy

2. Unicorns like to wash their manes and tails in waterfalls using pineapple juice as shampoo.

3. The latest trend for Unicorns is to have glittery hooves – oh so sparkly!

Glitter Hoofed Unicorn

4. Unicorns favourite treats include candy floss, smarties and strawberry smoothies.

5. If you ever meet a Unicorn you may ask him/ her to grant you 3 wishes.

6. When you see fork lightning it may have been a unicorn sneeze.

7. Unicorn dust is an extremely rare commodity that brings good luck.

Unicorn Dust Necklace

8. Unicorns love to roller-skate!

9. Unicorns like to play ring toss with their horns.

10. Unicorns will always come to rescue you from a nightmare if you ask them too.

Unicorn Necklace








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