Homemade Christmas Handmade Christmas Gift Idea, Elf, Play set

Home made Gift Idea

A sweet Christmas play set in a polka-dot metal tin.

Christmas Toy, Christmas Playset, Polkadot Tin, Metal Tin


Inside is a little girl elf – can you guess her name? (You could also have a boy elf). She has blonde hair and candy cane striped clothing. She has a wire frame making her pose-able. On her bobble hat is some string so she can be hung on the Christmas tree.

She likes to sit out on her snow white wool blanket and play with her acorn cap jingle bell. She also has a mini candy cane, a toadstool and a glass bottle filled with golden elf dust – this can be worn as a necklace. It ties with a bow, making it adjustable.

I have this for sale in my Etsy shop The Pot Of Gold though with just a few bits and bobs you can make this set yourself, I bet the kids would love to help too.

Elf, Christmas Toy, Handmade Gift Idea


You will need:

A small metal tin

A small wooden doll

Washi Tape

A jingle bell

An acorn cap

Some white wool

Some ribbon

A miniature glass bottle with cork and metal eyelet




Clear Glue

Pipe cleaners (red and white)

A mini Toadstool



Knitting needles

Hot Glue Gun


IMPORTANT: This item is not intended for very small children who still put things in their mouths because of small parts.

I got a lot of my craft supplies for this from Tiger (which is fast becoming my favourite shop). The glass bottles can be purchased on-line from other Etsy shops and wool and ribbons can be found at your local arts and craft shop.

To begin, measure the inside of your tin and cut strips of Washi tape to fit.

Christmas Washi Tape

Next, knit a little square with the white wool, knot the ends so it doesn’t unravel.

Elf, Christmas Elf, Snow White Blanket, Toy

Cut two pieces of the red and white pipe cleaner and twist together. Curl over the top to make a candy cane.

For the bottle of elf dust, you need to make a funnel (with paper) so that you can pour in the glitter.

Seal the cork shut with clear glue and twist in the metal eyelet.

Measure the length of ribbon using your own neckline for guidance. Tie in a bow.

Cut a tiny square of paper for the label. Write ‘Elf Dust’ in ink and glue onto the bottle.

You could make some cute variations on this – like ‘Christmas magic’ or ‘Snow’ or even ‘Snowballs’ if you want to swap the glitter for tiny white beads instead. If you have a cute charm you could add this too.

Snowballs, Snowman, Snow, Necklace

I had collected some acorn caps on a nature walk in the autumn. You can freeze these to kill any potential germs. I used hot glue to attach the jingle bell.

Jingle Bells, Handmade Craft Idea, Acorn Cap Jingle Bell

Now assemble all the parts and tie the handle of the tin with a big bow. I have used Gingham ribbon because it always makes me think of a traditional Christmas. The bow is nice because you can also use this as a way of attaching your play set to the Christmas tree if you wanted too.

Gingham Bows, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Ornaments

You could make some lovely variations on what goes inside. It doesn’t have to be Christmas themed. Why not make a pirate/ pet shop / Alice in Wonderland themed play set? So many ideas so little time! I would love to see your finished makes. Do let me know how you get on.

And I hope you have a Craft-tastic, Happy Christmas!




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