Matchbox Art – How To

These little boxes are my new favourite thing to make.

You can make them too with just a few bits and bobs. Plus I bet the kids will love this activity as well.

You will need:

Blank matchboxes

Card stock / patterned paper

Washi Tape


Strong Glue

Double sided sticky tape



Buttons / Findings

To Make:

  • Measure your matchbox by outlining the edges onto your card stock. Cut to size.


  • Paste your backgrounds onto the box. I like Glitter card stock and stickers. You can use glue or double sided sticky tape for this.


  • Line the edges of the box with Washi tape or patterned paper. You can you magazine cut outs or gift wrap or even draw your own design.


  • Cut out your design and adhere to the box – this is the fun part!


  • Optional – fill your box with goodies.


TA-DAH! Now you can give your box to a friend as an unusual greetings card. Attach a ribbon if you like so it can be hung as an ornament.

Here is a Happy Birthday Box filled with confetti and a balloon…

Happy Birthday, Matchbox Art, Craft Idea



Here is a French Antique themed Box using stickers from Stickiiclub...

French Antique, Matchbox Art, Stickers

My Favourite box so far is this Merry Christmas Box




And of course some post boxes with mini parcels to go inside…

Post Box, Post Boxes, Irish Post Box, British Post Box


Did you know that when Ireland became a Republic in the 1920’s – all the post boxes in the country that had been bright red (for Royal Mail) were now painted green.

Irish Post Box, An Post, Craft Idea


I gave this one to a little boy who loves Dinosaurs…





As always, I would love to see your makes, have fun guys!






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